Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you send job alerts?

January 18, 2021
Job Alerts

We use the Seeking criteria you have saved in your profile to find matching jobs for you. You can choose to receive job alerts daily, weekly, and/or monthly. Visit your candidate profile page to choose the frequency that you prefer in the Preferences box.

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How does referral commission work?
We pay a commission to you when we place your referrals in many jobs we post, but not all. Recruiting Role – $250 to $500, ... read more
Can I edit my application?
You cannot edit your applications on your own once they have been submitted. If you need to make an important change, we maybe able to ... read more
What does the “Reviewed” status mean?
These applications have been read by the employer but they have not yet taken further action. We try to get you further updates as soon ... read more
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What is my “Candidate Summary” for?
We have found that a 2-3 sentence summary of your experience and qualifications is more effective at selling a candidate than a cover letter. Think ... read more
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What are referral inquiries?
When our recruiting team launches a new role, we often reach out to relevant contacts for any referrals they might be able to share.  We ... read more
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I don’t see my market and/or job category listed as a “Seeking” option, what should I do?
Please reach out through the chat window and let us know. We are continuously updating our markets and job categories as our candidate and employer ... read more