Department Manager

January 25, 2021

The Department Manager is a professional in the assigned product category who is responsible for driving the department’s business, the overall management of the sales associates in their respective department, promoting brand loyalty to customers in order to guarantee the quantitative and qualitative objectives assigned for the division involved. They represent the company and are a proactive sales professional who operates according to the policies established by the company.


  • Management
    • Supervise sales associates; indirectly oversee any support staff working in the department.
    • Create a team, whose activities will be coordinated in order to make sure the team is always motivated and competent.
    • Identify potential candidates and recruit candidates for open positions.
    • Train new hires and associates.
    • Manage work schedule for sales associates in the department.
    • Identify and develop the strengths of each staff member, supporting professional growth through training.
    • Assign targeted quantitative and qualitative objectives and ensure achievement by analyzing results, verifying monthly activities and setting up yearly assessments, with consistent follow-up.
    • Document effective progress reports according to company standards in a timely manner.
    • Write and administer performance appraisal process annually.
    • Keep staff informed at all times regarding store performance.
    • Ensure internal procedures are followed.
    • Verify correct rotation of goods in the stockroom for the division involved and update staff accordingly to optimize sales.
    • Communicate relevant information to buyers, store managers, regional director, store employees and own direct reports.
    • Follow appropriate procedures for cash, stock, reporting and close out functions.
    • Partner with Loss Prevention on procedures and processes to minimize shortage.
    • Aid in inventory preparation.
    • Maintain mature, worldly business attitude and professional presentation.
    • Familiarity with the product and market positioning.
  • Sales and Customer Service
    • Meet company’s sales plan for department’s business, achieve departmental goal set by corporate and contribute to store target.
    • Consistently ensure customers are the number one store priority.
    • Reflect corporate image in terms of presence and ensure staff is also aligned.
    • Ensure image of the store is in line with corporate standards and staff is aware of this standard.
    • Guarantee excellent customer service including welcome and customer experience and supervise sales to ensure customer satisfaction and qualitative standards required by the company are maintained.
    • Cooperate with other Department Managers regarding all issues related to the product and internal processes.
    • Personally manage all delicate situations regarding issues related to the product.
    • Promote customer loyalty.
    • Train and assist sales associates in suggesting additional merchandise to clients.
    • Provide product knowledge training.
    • Support sales by contributing feedback with regard to the buying of the merchandise.
    • Ensure display of the department is in order and supervise product rotation.
    • Constantly keep up-to-date regarding trends; know and monitor competition and communicate this information to the staff.
  • Other
    • Regular attendance and punctuality.
    • Ability to professionally interact with management, coworkers and clients.
    • Strong organizational skills, multi-tasking and prioritizing capabilities.
    • Flexibility in schedule and working hours.
    • Ability to stand on your feet for duration of shift.
    • Ability to lift, move and hang merchandise and other items.

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Josette Romero

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