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Regional Manager (Retail)

March 22, 2021

The Regional Manager is responsible for achieving market sales objectives, profitability goals, achieving and maintaining high operational and merchandising standards, building highly motivated Store Managers & teams.  The Regional Manager is responsible for the overall operations and business development of their specified region in the US . 


  • Business Vision
    • Partner with Sr. Management to create the vision and tone for stores while driving a highly successful and profitable business.
    • Work with Regional counterparts and Store Managers to develop market specific business plans that will drive traffic and develop client base for stores.
    • Be knowledgeable of the local market and business environment trends to include competitors’ business activities.
    • Partner with all corporate partners to support expansion and all key elements of new store openings the Region.
    • Remain up to date on the retail property market in the region. Make recommendations for store renovations/upgrades/expansion in order to increase sales of existing markets and develop new ones.
  • Leadership
    • Develops store management teams within region to deliver superior customer experiences in all stores.
    • Manages with integrity, honesty, fairness, and knowledge promoting the culture, values, and vision of the company.
    • Plans, identifies, communicates, and delegates key responsibilities and practices to store management team to ensure smooth flow of operations within region.
    • Reviews store environments and key business indicators within region to identify problems, concerns, and opportunities for improvement and provides coaching to store management team to take action and achieve operational goals.
  • Sales Management/Store Performance
    • Performance monitoring by reviewing sales weekly with Store Managers.
    • Continuously motivate and coach Managers & teams to meet assigned sales and productivity goals.
    • Develop and evolve standardized staffing model to: better align employee scheduling to store traffic; optimize FTEs to maximize store sales potential (NET $/FTE, average cost model}; review store structure to seek opportunities for client centric initiatives; discover customized services to increase conversion/ ATV/ cross selling (UPT). Ensure alignment of network.
    • Develop and create a process to review the CRM strategy and define requirements/expectations as well as performance measures. Monitor the performance to ensure efforts will serve to maintain and grow customer relationships.
    • Develop strategies to capitalize on sales and improve customer experience (displays, traffic patterns, etc.)
  • Client Focus
    • Ensure the highest level of customer service is being provided in regional stores.
    • Work with Store Managers to achieve sales goals.
    • Provide feedback to President & General Merchandising Manager on product assortment, buying trends and customer requests.
    • Be able to serve as a role model of knowledge for behaviors for customer service.
  • Store Visuals
    • Ensure visual merchandising standards are maintained as set forth by corporate visual department.
    • Work with VM Manager & local freelancers to achieve goals of proper window installation and display boards.
  • Product Management
    • Understand and explain stores’ performance by category as well as its mix (lines, functions, collections, etc.).
    • Keep all product support tools well organized and ensure all team members have access to the information.
    • Oversee maintenance of accurate inventory records in partnership with Operations Manager.
  • Staff Development & Team Building
    • Oversee staffing and recruiting function for exempt (Store & Assistant Managers), in close cooperation with Human Resources and President; responsible for personnel matters including hiring and termination. Build a bench to secure an effective management and sales succession.
    • Delegate duties and responsibilities to foster a sense of ownership among Store Managers and to. increase efficiency of store operations.
    • Ensure consistent management, operational practices and customer service in all stores in Region.
    • Mentor and coach Store Managers on identifying solutions and adapting to respective store and to develop their managerial skills.
    • Partner with HR to identify skill gaps and opportunities for staff development.
  • Human Resources
    • Assess, coach and develop teams in all areas of performance to achieve annual objectives.
    • Implement retention initiatives and collaborate with Human Resources to provide developmental opportunities.
    • Coach and support Store Managers relating to performance & conflict resolution; in partnership with Human Resources when needed.
    • Manage and work on career path initiatives to promote from within and provide mobility opportunities for staff. Develop strategies for entire network.
    • Exhibit strong interpersonal skills in dealing with staff, peers, supervisors and the corporate office.
    • Communicate corporate initiatives and directives to field management and teams through daily or weekly meetings and bulletin.
    • Payroll, ensure timely submission of timesheets, verification of employee hours of Store Managers.
    • Partner with HR to manage annual review process.
  • Collection Previews
    • Propose and develop event format in close cooperation with Senior Management and Marketing.
  • Store Appearance
    • Adhere to Grooming and Styling standards, lead by example and enforce the standards within the entire team.
    • Monitor the general appearance of the stores: cleanliness, store maintenance, organization and tidiness of sales area and back-of-house.
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