Product Development Manager

May 10, 2021

As the Product Development Manager, you will take ownership of the development process – working across teams to ensure creative designs are translated into practical and innovative market ready products. You are a critical cross-functional leader, pivotal in building aesthetically and quality authentic product while achieving financial goals.


  • Development and Collection Management
    •  In collaboration with Creative Director / Design, work together to fully understand product intent.
    • Manage working seasonal calendar and monitor progress alongside cross-departmental directors in building and implementing milestone deadlines for design team.
    • Reviews and oversees issuance of all specs and tech packs for accuracy, completeness, quality, and affordability prior to release.
    • Oversee all development from first sketch to production pass-off.
    • Assign projects to pattern-makers and both domestic and international manufacturers to best realize the company vision as well develop viable product with newness and continuity.
    • Recommends enhancements, construction and material options to elevate the product and our brand, hitting financial requirements. Resolves engineering that does not meet design, merchandising, production or financial needs.
    • Coordinates with manufacturing partners and cross-functional teams to manage spec turnover within calendar to ensure timeliness in protos, SMS, and production.
    • Reviews all prototypes and market samples to ensure accuracy in execution to spec.
    • Address all fit issues with creative problem-solving and technicality alongside pattern-makers.
    • Communicate between design, embroidery and trims, production departments to move projects smoothly to next steps.
  • Sourcing
    • Works closely with the design teams on seasonal offering needs to provide options for components and techniques, and costs that are on brand.
    • Sources quality factory and manufacturing options for RTW categories including soft wovens, denim, tailored suiting, knits, and outerwear.
    • With the team, participates in on-going factory base performance reviews, and recommends improvements to factories, vendor base, and geography.
  • Product Integrity 
    • Aims to instill quality in the product from onset of development through final production.
    • Reviews all components with an eye for quality, and performance.
    • Tests questionable materials and treatments in development cycle for performance and compliance to prevent a lapse in production. CALENDAR • Builds, manages, and flexes calendar to insure timely turnover of development, return of prototypes, and market samples and placement of final production.
    • Monitors calendar daily to promote flow of development; apprises and resolves calendar variances with team and management.
    • As needed works closely with design and production to resolve delivery and material issues affecting production.
    • Work closely with sample-makers to uphold strong workmanship.
  • Leadership and Development
    • Promote an environment that fosters the respect for the ideas of others and supports ongoing collaboration to execute business strategies.
    • Mentor and supervise design team to navigate multilayered projects through completion.
    • Leads by example and operates effectively in the face of continuous pressure imposed by the work environment.
    • Drive the department forward through process improvement and best practices.
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Josette Romero

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