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What does BG look for in candidates? How are candidates matched with roles?

November 21, 2020
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When assessing a candidate for a specific role we will evaluate their fit in the following areas:

  • Work experience – we look for recent experience in related roles, brands, and markets.
  • Hard skills – specific learned skills that are required for success in the role (e.g. technology skills, management skills, creative skills, analytical skills)
  • Soft skills – charisma, personal presentation, communication skills, inter-personal skills, work ethic, and a growth mindset. These tend to be best understood through general conversation with an emotionally intelligent recruiter rather than specific questions.
  • Career objectives – do the candidate’s personal objectives make sense for this role? Will the realities of the role bring fulfillment and longevity? We ask these questions directly instead of making assumptions.
  • Compensation – are expectations aligned with the budget for the role?

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Can BG help develop a role profile?
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Do you fill temp roles?
You can post temporary roles on our site using our Free and Premium options. We do not fill temporary roles with Full-Service Recruiting.
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What kinds of roles does Brobston Group specialize in?
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About Brobston Group
What makes Brobston Group different from other recruiting firms?
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