Full-Service Recruiting

When you need personalized support from start to finish

Dedicated account manager to personally work with you from start to finish

Comprehensive new and existing candidate engagement

Face-to-face candidate pre-screening for experience, skills, and presentation

Hassle-free interview coordination & scheduling

Professional offer presentation & negotiation

Reference checks

12-week replacement guarantee

% of salary upon placement
No fee up front

As professional retailers ourselves, we’ve been in many of these roles ourselves, and have a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful in each.
We have an extensive network of pre-screened candidates, plus a candidate pool of 100,000+ industry professionals.
Our industry relationships ensure we always understand the current market conditions. Our candidate relationships and data ensure we are on the pulse of the labor market.
We think of ourselves as partners in your success. We will partner with you to ensure we are maximizing business opportunity with every open role, and help guide your search parameters as needed.
Candidate Follow up
We are committed to prompt and effective followup on each application, and as candidates proceed in a search process. All candidates receive status updates immediately when we know them.
Your internal company information will never be shared with anyone outside our office. If needed, we can execute a search on a confidential basis without sharing the brand until you start interviews.

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