Frequently Asked Questions

How does referral commission work?

January 19, 2021

We pay a commission to you when we place your referrals in many jobs we post, but not all.

Recruiting Role – $250 to $500, depending on the annual compensation of the job, 12 weeks after the start date. Please note, that if for any reason the candidate leaves the role prior to 12 weeks after start, no commission will be paid.

Premium Listings – Flat $50 immediately upon hire

Free Listing – no commission

We will keep you updated when your referrals are hired and collect your payment info at that time. Feel free to reach out to support@brobstongroup.com or via the chat window with any questions.

More Referrals FAQ's

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What are referral inquiries?

When our recruiting team launches a new role, we often reach out to relevant contacts for any referrals they might be able to share.  We generally reach out to you for referrals when we are searching for a role in your market that you have previously managed. We try to ensure we don’t do this more than once a month at most, but will probably do so much less frequently than that.» Read More

How do I know if my referral got placed?

When we are advised that a candidate is hired the person who referred them is notified automatically.» Read More

I have someone to refer as a candidate, what should I do?

Please use this link to our referral page. We pay a commission to you for any of your referrals we place.» Read More